About me and about this site, hmmm…

I’m Greg Mee and I’m located in Spokane Wa.

I’ve been building websites for several years, but I’m self taught and I tend to keep it pretty simply. I’m not the guy to build the next amazon.com, but I can certainly get you started with a blog. Maybe you’ll even be able to make some money with it, though that’s not my area of expertise. I do make enough to pay the bills and I don’t have to have a “real job,” which is pretty nice.

I’m on Facebook

If you’re a BlogSuccess member then my username there is gmee.

Some of my other sites are:


Commenting should be clean and civil, this isn’t a political blog, after all. I delete spam regularly.

A number of links away from this site are to various affiliate programs, such as GoDaddy.com. If you buy something from those sites then I do get paid. And I really do use the sites in that right navbar, under “Stuff We Use.” This domain is registered with GoDaddy, for example.

Email – Any emails sent from this site will be 100% permission based, meaning you will have signed up for them first. They will always have an unsubscribe link and will be delivered via Aweber.com

Privacy – other than possibly name and email, if you sign up for that, no personal info is collected. Info is collected by a statistics system which provides me with traffic info, lets me know which posts actually get visits, and so on. No personally identifiable info is collected.



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