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Why Facebook? Because Facebook is rivaling Google for top spot in the “how much traffic does your site get” game. Check out this Alexa page and you’ll see that G and FB are 1 and 2. Since Google also has YouTube and Blogger it probably has a bigger reach. Still, Facebook has insane traffic. It also has a few other virtues:

  • People go to google, search for whatever, find it, and leave google. Not Facebook. All of your browsing, linking, looking, and commenting is done within Facebook. Maybe even more that YouTube people stick within the FB system.
  • Facebook pages have a certain trust factor. You’re likely to hit some page because someone recommended it, less likely to hit one because a spammer put up some junk and got decent google rankings. (That said, Facebook’s general search doesn’t begin to touch Google’s. But then, FB isn’t a search engine,  is it? )
  • Some people say that Facebook has over 700 million users, worldwide. While I think that number is high there is certainly massive traffic through that site, people stick, and people love it.

Now as for getting onto Facebook to strut your own stuff. First off, you will need to have a Facebook profile. You probably already do, but in case you don’t you can check out the Facebook help pages and it should answer all of your questions.

  • A profile is you on FB. It’s sort of your hub. Profiles collect friends, Pages collect “likes”
  • A Page is dedicated to some topic, person. place, thing, etc. Like Pepsi? So do about 6 million other people.

Like any other page or profile, what gets posted to your “wall” is also sent to all of your friends or people who have “liked” your page. If Pepsi makes a post than all 6 million people who “liked” that page will see it. How’s that for an email list? Now, Facebook does have a variety of filters in place so some of those messages will not be seen. But they were all sent.

Ok, step by step page creation. This does not cover all the ins and outs, just getting a page up fast. Like any website, you can improve it later.

  1. Now or later you will want a 180 wide by 540 tall image that will be your profile pic, in the top, left corner. It should be catchy and in line with the topic of your page. I went to Pixlr and took a minute to put create an image. My artistic talent is nil, but it’s something.
  2. Go to FB Pages and don’t get distracted. Click “Create a Page” at the top, right corner.
  3. You will see a page with six options. Here’s the easy way to choose:
    1. Click “Brand or Product”
    2. Scroll through the menu and find “Website,” pick that
    3. Enter the topic of your page (you can change it later.)
    4. Agree to FBs terms (you might consider reading them. Or not.)
    5. You now have a page.
  4. Next you will have a chance to upload your image. If you have one then go for it, or you can do this later.
  5. One the next screen, below, if you think that this is something that some or all of your friends might be interested in then you can invite them to see your page. The same with any contact list you might have. FB will let you upload a spreadsheet with their info and/or scan your email contacts.

    Create a Facebook page, step 2

    Create a Facebook page, step 2

    1. There are two check boxes below the contacts section.
    2. If the first is checked then when your page is created it will be posted to your profile wall. All your friends will be able to see it. If, for example, your profile is very political and leans way over there, but your fan page leans all the way in the other direction, then you might not want to do check that box. 😉
    3. Ditto if you “like” this page. The “like” will be displayed on your profile, though “likes” aren’t as obvious as posts.
    4. Click “continue”
  6. Next, do you already have a website (blog, squidoo page, whatever) that you want to connect to this page?

    How to Create a Facebook page, step 3

    How to Create a Facebook page, step 3

    1. If you have a site, then insert the URL. It can also be an affiliate link. In this case, I will be inserting this site: http://websites.unixtools.com
    2. Say something catchy in the “About” section. Add your URL there, too, if you like.
  7. So here’s the finished product: How to build your own website, on Facebook.

Now, there are clearly some things to do, such as adding content, maybe adding an app or two. Photos are always nice.

When I get 25 likes then I can get a custom URL, something like

  • http://www.FaceBook.com/BuildYourOwnWebsite,
  • instead of http://www.facebook.com/pages/How-to-Build-Your-Own-Website/286042368090987.

These likes can come from any number of places. If you have a big friends list, and those friends generally like you, you can probably get all 25 by posting something to your profile.

One easy way is to go to fiverr and buy a bunch of likes. The goal here is to get the custom URL, so untargeted likes are Ok. Besides a page with 250 some odd like looks a lot better than one with 3, right? (Here’s one of mine, 300 likes for $5 ain’t bad!)

A later project will be to put an Opt-in App on the page. People will see a custom landing page and in exchange for “liking” the page, and/or providing an email, then they’ll get some kind of goodie. The app automates the email collections and goodies delivery, and is easier on people than going through the traditional process:  OptIn  form > provide email > get confirm email > click link to confirm > land on boring page that goes nowhere > get goodie in email.

Besides, OptIn Apps can be viral -people can pass around your page/app in a way that they could never do (and would never do) with a standard opt-in form.

The next step is to get traffic to that page in order to build more targeted likes and/or the list.


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