Dec 192011

I get lots of email and a lot of it is from people who offer something interesting to get my name on their list and then send nothing but “buy this AWESOME THING RIGHT NOW BEFORE IT GOES AWAY!!!” offers. You know the type. And the hype. I’ll even admit that part of me wants it to be true and that I could push a button, or even a few buttons, and retire.

I’ve been doing a lot of unsubscribing over time. Some of the lists are actually pretty good, but that’s pretty uncommon.

Here’s a pretty good list that you can use to tell if maybe you should “just say no” to the next offer:

Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru!

(10) You brag day in and day out about money or a launch you did 3 years ago…

(9) You launch a clickbank product per year and you use clickbank screen captures from your last product launch to sell your new product.

(8) You are part of a “mastermind”, “joint venture”, or “super millionaire” group.

(7) You promote a new product every week to your list.

(6) You promote a new product every week and you don’t know what it is?

(5) When you consider upselling and downselling your product before you care to think about your CUSTOMER.

(4) You create a “make money” product before you know how to make money.

(3) When the name of your product name or website has “fast”, “project”, “push button”, “cash”, “super”, “millionaire”, “quick”, “instant’, “crusher”, “launch”, “commission”, “system”, or “clickbank” in it.

(2) You claim that a product can help you earn $100,000+ in a month.

(1) For the rest, go here: Top 10 Ways to Tell if You Are a Guru

Check it out, have fun, add your own “How to tell if…” in the comments. Either over there or right here (though more people will see it if you do it over there.)